ABOUT SanFolk Disco

SanFolk Disco is a new monthly series of shows that aim to hover over the bountiful but disparate music scene of the great, legendary city of San Francisco, Ca, and, just as in bygone eras of pre-history, reach a bony hand from above to three blazing comets of musical ice and fire, and collide them monthly at a specified place and time in The Universe.
This moment of singularity is different every month, but will always be limited by the confines of the city of San Francisco. It ran for three excellent consecutive shows at The Red Devil Lounge featuring, The Ferocious Few, The Blank Tapes, Indianna Hale, Tiny Television, Hobo’s Paradise and of course, JL Stiles and moved onto Cafe du Nord in April, featuring Bart Davenport and Kacey Johansing along with Stiles. (SEE May blogs to the right for May 27 bill at Cafe du Nord with Eric McFadden, Stiles and Jenny Kerr)
JL Stiles is the man behind this complete musical experience and explains his actions this way: “I want to become a personal music scene”, he says, “everyone in London and Paris and Chattanooga is talking about all the great talent that is pouring out of San Francisco right now, but right here in the city we can’t see it! We are standing by the portal as this music literally billows out upon us, but we are all looking the other way.” JL aims to change all that by creating a series that escapes the tired boundaries of genre, haircut and trouser-width, for an all-encompassing new genre of pure quality.
Each show will be a unique bill of great acts from SF, curated, hosted and opened by JL each night. “A focus for the splintered scene” is how JL describes it and each show will seek to seamlessly veer from intimate acoustic moments to carousing Mission blasting rock via dancing on the ceiling funkify-your-life party bands, folk, funk, soul, rock, indie, alt-country, post-folk and pre-post-post-toasties. All will be played and none will be spared, a proper old school revue.
With this event JL claims he is not only going to create the best night in San Francisco, but also will redefine civic duty: “The new civic duty is going out and having fun, that IS a civic duty, to make the scene and support the culture. Every night WILL be a triumph” declares JL, with a steely look in his eye as he stands on a table and belts out a 21st century ragtime blues about the impossibility of playing ragtime in the 21st century whilst standing on a table.
The next show is on May 27th at Cafe Du Nord, SF, featuring Eric Mcfadden, JL Stiles and Jenny Kerr. SanFolk Disco demands that you become a good citizen and have a damn good time while doing it.