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April 15 Artists' high res photos + poster

PHOTO LINKS FOR 4/15 SanFolk Disco at Cafe Du Nord

Below are links to many photos for each artist which will open in a new window

Bart Davenport High Res Photos Link

Kacey Johansing High Res Photos Link

JL Stiles High Res Photos Link

For High Res PDF of Poster click below

April 15 Artists+billing details

Cafe du Nord (2170 Market St, San Francisco, 94114)
April 15, 2010
Doors open at 8pm
Tix Link ($12 at the door, $10 online)
Bart Davenport (band): 10:50 onward
Kacey Johansing (band): 9:55 to 10:35
JL Stiles (band): 9 to 9:40


He can sell you a bill of love that from anyone else would seem corny and make you believe again - in the long summers of blissful youth, in dancing the night away. You may have seen Bart Davenport fronting the electro future- funk trio called Honeycut, or you may have heard their song “Exodus Honey” in a 2007 iMac ad. Perhaps you caught his one man Folk Rock show between the trees and beards of Big Sur or in England, Spain or Germany.

Bart Davenport is a singer-songwriter troubadour who wears his passionate love of West Coast Pop on his sleeve. His songs have captivated audiences worldwide for years, dating back to his time as a frontman for Oakland Garage/Blues combo The Loved Ones.

Bart’s first three solo releases (2002’s Bart Davenport, 2003’s Game Preserve, and 2005’s Maroon Cocoon) established him as a musician’s musician, with an avid Bay Area following. His captivating live shows have earned him tours of the US West Coast and Germany opening for the Kings of Convenience, while his five solo tours of Spain have won him rave reviews in the Spanish press and a devoted following that’s almost religious in its fervor.

Listen to Bart’s modern-day classic: “Paper Friend”, and his newer smooth larynxed white soul explosion: “A Young One” (link)

“Davenport uses his remarkable vocal talent to jump from one musical genre to another while he plays narrator of his friends' and lovers' lives” (San Francisco Bay Guardian).

“Not the kind of Ronson-retro sound that threatened to take over the late 2000s, instead he looks to the lush '70s soul of groups like The Stylistics with their layered harmonies, gentle horns, and tinkling glockenspiels. Check the beginning of the entrancing "A Young One" if you doubt it. It truly comes off as mash-up of Bread and The Stylistics and ends up sounding way better than you might expect. Amazing, even.” (All Music Guide).


Kacey’s music is as ellusive as the light seeping across a painting by Vermeer, the mist that creeps around the headlands of a forgotten Scottish Isle, the wind falling out of trees in the calm after a heavy storm. Enchanting, timeless, the sound of an unknown hinterland. In songs like “Angel Island”, “Sleepwalk” and “Many Seasons” she enchants you into a forest of sound, leaving only breadcrumbs of her brilliance to follow back out into the night, joining the legions of her fans building at every show at which she performs. Link to a Kacey tune

“SanFolk Disco” is the brainchild of JL Stiles
and he is the glue that will hold each of these bills together like a secretly broken vase by opening and hosting each show. If you do not know of his incredible talents already, here are three facts you need to know immediately:

Fact #1: JL Stiles is the freakiest white fingerpicking guitarist in this great country right now.

Fact #2: JL Stiles believes he has come up with the algorithm for the pure soul of music.

Fact #3: JL Stiles has a mind that sees music in a similar way to how J.S. Bach saw music, however Bach never played the blues.

"Simultaneously classic and original, Stiles lays into his 12-string guitar with the vigor and ambition of a streetwise punk who just discovered Leo Kottke" (Blues Revue)

Link to JL Stiles website here

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April 15 Music Samples for Artists

Paper Friend

A Young One

No More Runnin'(Animal Collective cover)

Just One Day

Angel Island